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" I say unto you: love your enemies... " Jesus. ( Matth., 5:44 )

Whether we are aware of it or not, our enemies are also the children of God, even as we are, and are thus our brothers for whom God provides means and resources with the same goodness that He uses towards us.

We owe a great deal to our friends for the encouragement they give us to achieve success in life, but we must not forget that we equally owe our enemies for the opportunities they afford us to correct our mistakes.

An adversary furrows our soul as a tiller plows the earth, so that we may produce a more abundant harvest of goodness.

Learning to love our enemies will always be an excellent defence against circulatory problems, neurosis, insanity and gastric ulcers during our earthly journey in the physical body.

By praying for those who hurt us avoid further problems in our daily path.

An attitude of respect towards our adversaries does not take away any of the time we employ in helping others.

When we love our enemies with our highest vibration of brotherhood, and commit our problem to God's will, we remove ninety per cent of the cause to worry and distress.

By silently blessing those who criticise us, we will protect more efficiently the tasks that Divine Providence gave us to do.

Serenity and good-will towards our enemies are the best anti-dote to excessive worries which might otherwise destroy us.

Loving our enemies will give us a peaceful conscience in the event that they turn out to be habitual evildoers. When Jesus said, " go, and be reconciled to your adversary ", He was teaching us to bring peace into our relationships, for it is unjust to disrupt the tranquillity of those who are immature or ill. However, in no part of the Gospel did Jesus recommend that we cooperate with them.


( A message received by the medium Francisco Candido Xavier. Translated from the original Portuguese. )


All Religions established their postulates upon unchangeable dogmas of faith.

Allan Kardec, however, translating the thoughts of Christ, has based the Spiritist Religion upon the codes of reason, which are inscribed in the individual conscience of Man.

All thinkers were concerned in finding a solution to the problems of Man, thus creating schools of knowledge and engendering systems whose aims were to fight one another.

Alan Kardec, nonetheless, recast the idealistic concepts of Socrates and Plato and laid them on the foundations of facts, raising a monument of granite in moral terms.

All researchers of Science started from the premiss in a tireless search for the demonstration.

Allan Kardec, nevertheless, dived into the infinite ocean of facts and extracted from them the magnificent constellation of lights and experimentations that constitute the Spiritist Doctrine.

All religious leaders have always proclaimed the immortality of the soul, though the lack the means to prove it.

Allan Kardec, however, started from the observation and proved the immortality of the soul by means of current methods of observation, thus explaining the laws that govern the exchange between the physical world and the spiritual world.

Reincarnation has always been present in the extra-physical experiments and information of the centuries as the key to the mysteries of human suffering.

Allan Kardec, nonetheless, thanks to the assistance from the Spirit World, managed to extract from the concepts of reincarnation the ethical basis relevant to the happiness of Man, and based in the Gospel the only safe route capable of collimating the goals of evolution.

All treatises in Philosophy have been presented in a complex language, and they can only be understood by specialists and scholars…

Allan Kardec, nevertheless, managed to study and debate about the crucial points of the universal thought in a simple language, which is compatible with the mind of the general public, though not forgetting the brilliant minds, thus offering to all the means to scrutinise the shadows of Immortality according to the study of the Spiritist Codification.

All active members of religions and philosophies tried to define or deny God.

Kardec, however, similarly to Jesus, presented the Creator in the Creation and the Divinity manifested in its attributes of grandeur and magnitude, without insisting in defining that which is Indefinable and submitting Him.

It is for this reason that, before Allan Kardec, we revere the wisdom of the centuries, the science of love and the special reason that all creatures need for the consolidation of the Consoler at the core of life, and in the brain of all lives.

At this hour troubled by anxiety, doubts and uncertainties lets seek in Allan Kardec the answer to the major problems of daily life and, by following his threads of thought and action, lets forget darkness and pain, disdaining fanfare and mockery, so that we can concern ourselves with self-improvement in the unceasing wish to ascend and to love, since in love – which is the true science of life – all finalities are encompassed and all aspirations are met towards the Infinite Love.

Respecting in Allan Kardec the Ambassador of Heaven for the New Era, lets express in joy as the first Christians used to do before the holocaust:

Glory to you, master!!! Those of us trying to build the New World salute and thank you!

Viana de Carvalho.

Message received by the medium Divaldo P. Franco through automatic writing during a public meeting on 19/07/1975, in the “Caminho da Redenção” Spiritist Centre, in Salvador, Bahia – Brazil - Translated from the original in Portuguese by SGB – revised by Mr H. Willer