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Suicide - ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW (Causes & Consequences)

Author: Richard Simonetti / Translated by S. Mc Alonan


When I was asked to review this book, I realised it came to me for a reason. I have lost many friends to suicide. In an attempt to understand suicidal thought and action, we must use our compassion and empathy. We must attempt to bring light where there is darkness. There are a myriad of factors that lead an individual to this choice.

It is a complex and emotional subject. Suicide has unfortunately touched nearly all our lives. A suicidal person needs hope. They are lost in an internal world of despair and loneliness.

A suicidal person needs help to connect with their divinity and find the courage to live out their natural life.

We must be brave in the face of absurdity. Living is a rejection of suicide. If we connect with the oneness of life, we remember our blessed nature. Suicide is an act of violence against one's soul. Let us look out for signs in our loved ones, and be open and responsive.

This book can hopefully act as a guide to remember our divinity and realise that life continues after death. Let us remember that love is the only truth. Suicide Prevention Book FREE PDF Download:

We hope the following pages will give you the tools needed for your reflection and understanding of the true meaning of Life.

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