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Contemplate the importance of your own immortality and remember, that wherever you are, the peace of your ambient, invariably begins with you. Emmanuel

Dear Readers:

- Every human being wishes and yearns for peace.

- An inner peace that promotes their own happiness in any place or situation where they encounter another human being.

- A world-peace which is generated by understanding and fraternity amongst all nations, facilitating progress for our planet Earth, and happiness for its inhabitants.

- However, despite the awareness that already exists in this need for peace, our world-view shows it is heavily laden with wars and involved in conflicts of every sort.

The Brazilian Spiritist Federation, with the edition and distribution of this booklet based on the Spiritist Teachings, adds another resource to the Campaign –

Let's Build Peace - by Promoting Goodness, with this production directed towards offering ways of constructing peace.

Construction, yes, for it is the responsibility of every human being to engage themselves in the fulfilment of God’s Laws, considering that peace in the world, inexcusably begins with one's own inner peace.

Participate in this Campaign! – Promote goodness and construct peace! (Book – ‘Rumo Certo’, automatic writing by Francisco C. Xavier, cap. 6, 2. ed. FEB.)

From the Spiritis' Book, codified by Allan Kardec:

Question 886: What is the true meaning of the word charity, as understood by Jesus?

Benevolence for everyone, indulgence for the imperfections of others, forgiveness of offences.

Question 918. By what signs can one recognise the real progress in a person that will elevate their Spirit within the spiritual hierarchy?

The Spirit proves its elevation, when all the acts of its corporal life represent the practice of God’s Law, and when it precociously understands spiritual life.

Focus of the Spiritist Codification

Comments of Allan Kardec to Question 930.

With a wise and farsighted social organisation, a person can only lack what is necessary through their own fault. However, these same shortfalls are often the result of the environment in which they are placed.

When the law of God is practiced, they will then have a social order based on justice and solidarity, and they themselves will also be better.

Question 1018. In what sense must we understand these words of Christ: My kingdom is not of this world?

Christ responding thus spoke in a figurative sense. He wanted to say that His kingdom only exercises itself within pure and selfless hearts. He is, wherever the love of goodness dominates. However, Men greedy for the things of this world and attached to Earthly belongings, are not with Him.

Conclusion V

(...) Three different periods present the development of these ideas: - First, that of curiosity, in which the singularity of the produced phenomena awakens; - Second, that of reasoning and philosophy; - Third, that of its application and its consequences.(...) (The Spirits Book, Allan Kardec, 1. special ed. FEB.)

a) The true man of goodness is he who accomplishes the Laws of Justice, Love and Charity, in their greatest purity. (...) (Chap. XVII item 3)

b) (...) One recognises the trueSpiritist by his moral transformation and by the efforts he uses to tame his bad inclinations. (Chap. XVII item 4)

c) (...) You will recognise them here by their true principles of charity which they will practice and teach. - You will recognise them by the number of afflicted they comfort. - You will recognise them by their love of their neighbour, their abnegation, their personal selflessness. - Finally, you will recognise them by the triumph of their principles, because God wants the victory of His Law. - Those who follow His Law, are the chosen ones and He will give them the victory.(...) (Chap. XX item 4)

d) (...) Then, when the field is prepared, I will send you the Consoler, the Spirit of Truth, who will come to restore all things; this is to say, when the true sense of my words become known then the more illuminated of men will eventually understand, putting an end to fratricidal battles which divide the children of the same God.

Finally, weary from a battle with no solution, which only attracts desolation in its continuation and brings perturbation upon the bosom of families, men will come to recognise where their true interests lie - both for this world and the next, thus they will see on which side are the friends and the enemies of their peace. Then, everyone will come to shelter under the same banner - that of charity, and all things will be restored upon the Earth in accordance with the truth and the principles that I have taught. (Chap. XXIII item 16) (The Gospel According to Spiritism, Allan Kardec, 1. special ed. FEB.)

Let’s Follow Peace

Seek peace and follow it. Peter. (Peter 1, chap 3:11.)

There are many people who seek peace; - However, few people try to follow it.

Companions exist who want peace by any possible means and they sigh for it, placing it in various areas of their life.

Nevertheless, they expel it as soon as the Lord has granted the gifts requested. One asks for material wealth, believing

it to be the bearer of their coveted peace, nevertheless, with the emergence of money in abundance, they torture themselves with a thousand problems, not knowing how to distribute, assist, administer and spend it with simplicity.

Another beseeches the blessing of marriage, but, when The Heavens grant it, he doesn't know how to be a brother to the companion the Father has entrusted to him, loosing himself through all forms of irritation.

Yet another claims special titles of trust within sensational tasks of public usefulness, but on becoming honoured with popularity and the expectations of many, he repels these blessings of work, and retreats frightened.

Peace is not bodily laziness. It’s when there’s health and happiness of the Spirit.

If it's true that every creature seeks it in their own way, then it’s imperative to recognise that legitimate peace results from the balance between our desires and the intentions of the Lord, in the position we find ourselves.

Having received the work the Celestial Trust permits us to perform, it’s indispensable that we know how to use the opportunity in favour of our elevation and improvement.

Peter said: Seek peace and follow it. However, real tranquillity doesn’t exist in any situation in which we are placed, when we do not have Christ within us.

And the formula for the integration of our soul with Jesus is invariable: - Deny each one unto himself, take up your cross and follow Me. Without this adaptation to our human effort of learning and the renovating impulse of the Divine Master, we will always have within our heart regenerative war, instead of peace.

EMMANUEL, (Book, ‘Fonte Viva’, automatic writing by Francisco C. Xavier, chap. 79, 1. special ed. FEB.)

Delights in Heaven

But gather up for yourselves treasures in Heaven .

Certainly, within these exalted spheres shine imperishable sanctuaries, but it’s imperative to consider that, within the areas close to human activity, we still find an immense semblance of moths and thieves, upon the evolutionary lines that extend beyond the sepulchre.

When the Master recommended us to gather our treasures in Heaven, He advised us to expand our values of goodness within the peace of our hearts. The man who acquires faith and knowledge, virtue and enlightenment, within these divine recesses of his conscience possesses this celestial itinerary.

The one who applies these redeeming principles which He embraces, ends up conquering this precious charter; - and he who works daily in the practice of goodness, lives gathering riches in the Summits of Life. In this sense, nobody wrongs themselves.

Beyond the Earth, these blessings of the Lord shine upon the Celestial Peaks. - Nevertheless, it is necessary to possess enlightenment to perceive them.

It’s from the Law that the Divine identifies that which is Divine, because no one will contemplate Heaven, if they shelter hell in their heart.

EMMANUEL (Book Our Daily Bread”, automatic writing by Francisco C. Xavier, chap. 156, 1. Special ed. FEB.)