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Janet Duncan 90th Birthday: a Beautiful Journey - 2018

Homage to Janet Duncan 90th Birthday This is an iSpirit and BUSS (British Union of Spiritist Societies) production. August 2018.      by ISpirit

A Tribute film to the life of Nilson Pereira and the  "Mansion Of the Way" (Mansão do Caminho) in Salvador (BA) Brazil

Anne Sinclair speaks at the 2nd British Spiritist Congress :

Apocalypse Myths and Truth" by Haroldo Dutra Dias at Fraternity :

Maria Gomes at the 2nd British Spiritist Congress :

Part of the presentation "Parables of Jesus" by Haroldo Dias Dutra :

Spiritual Healing through laying on of hands" by Dra Marlene Nobre :

O Novo Testamento" by Haroldo Dutra  :

Haroldo Dutra "History of Religion" at the 2nd British Spiritist Congress :

Apostle Paul" by Haroldo Dutra at 2nd British Congress - London :

Andrei Moreira - "Sexuality its Spiritual Explanations and Impacts... :

Richard Simonetti apresenta "To love and to live in Peace" no Sir :

"Create inner peace in order to be happy" por Divaldo Franco : 

Debate of the 1st Lusophonic Spiritist / Spiritualist Film Festival :

Portuguese: Marta Moura "Saude Fisica e Espiritual relacionada com a Mediuni :

Beth Freire "Scientific Approach to Chico's Letters"-2nd British Spiritism :

BUSS Campaign in aid of O.C.C. 2013 :