British Union of Spiritist Societies

"Working together for a better world!"

25th September 2015

Dear friends,

Today is our special day!

A day to rejoice and gather our hearts together with love and fellowship.

Let us leave aside our grievances and torments. Let us unite together under the banner of Spiritism!

The time is short for us to be able to fulfil our chosen tasks. Many times we have made promises and time and time again we have returned home empty handed!

Now is our last chance in this final phase of transition as we are very soon to enter in Regeneration!

Do not return empty handed again. Jesus is looking over each one, sending His love down to each one. There is still time if you start making the required effort TODAY!

Be in peace with God and Jesus now and always.

Your loving brother, Nestor.


25th September 2015

Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of god.

Blessed are they who already know the ways of Jesus, who have learned his teachings – the good news – the words that shall bring peace to ourselves and to the world .

How joyful is to know that light and love is the future of the world that humanity has a future ahead of itself that is filled with peace and harmony when everyone will give and receive the way they need and have.

Have faith - never give up – never allow yourselves to lose faith that this world will be better than it is now.

You have your share – you know what you have to do. Help us to help you. Open your hearts and sing with joy – because you know him- Jesus 

Love to all.  (S.G.)

18th November 2015

Beware! Be watchful! Never give up!

We so often believe ourselves unable to face the battles of daily life.

Oh, je of little faith!

God is LOVE, Jesus is our Guide!

When will you finally mange to cultivate actual FAITH?

When will you cease to doubt?

Dear friends, we are constantly praying for you and also sending each one renewing prayer.

No one is left out – everyone receives. But so few actually accept our help and so we are constantly weeping for you, with all of our love.

Dear ones believe in this love – believe that Jesus is sending healing and constant new energies – trust an all will be well. Your battles and struggles are the ladder of ascension to the Higher Spheres. Open your hearts to this love and energy so that you can receive renewal each and every day. Doubt no more – let the energies flow into your hearts and renew your body as never before. This is our prayer for this moment.

Be at peace today and always.


129th July 2016

Children of my soul!

You begged for the blessed opportunity of a new incarnation at this time of the Earth’s history and you were granted this.

Do not waste the time that is available to you, but wisely use the talents and teachings that you already have.

You are not new to the Crusade of the Lamb, but now, with open eyes you are invited to give your conscious and fraternal contribution to free Christ’s message from the shackles of the intellectual and religious elites.

Live like the first Christians, who happily went to their trials, as they had no doubts regarding Christ’s message.

The time is now!

Now you can change the course of your lives to ensure a happier future!

Now is the time to allow Christ to be reborn in your hearts.

Now is the time to send up to the high above thanks for this blessed opportunity to reincarnate.

Not tomorrow, today!

Think about this and be of good cheer, for the dawn of the new epoch is awakening.

Fraternal greetings from the Spiritist Spirits.


25th September 2015

A mind without the sentiment of the heart is uncompleted. Love will flourish. Do not shy away. Do the little you may be able to do. Trust always, open you heart and love. Jesus guide you.

A friend.


25th September 2015

The chaos is only apparent

The uncontrolled violence is only temporary

The night is almost over, the dawn is getting closer. Be prepared for the new times, when the sun comes up bright and we feel that we will not be embarrassed of our appearance.

Be prepared, by working in whichever way you can to bring about the world of peace that we are all hoping for.

Be brave, let go of your old habits and embrace the light of the Gospel. You brother Francis.


17th January 2017 



Let the light through.

Let it penetrate the innermost chambers of your soul.

Let the light transform your darkness and bring about real change.

There is no going back, progress is inevitable.

The light is emanating from God non-stop, you can tune into it whenever you are ready.

We are waiting to help you, whenever you decide to proceed.

The light is there for you all, no exceptions.

Let it flow and bless your lives

Be in peace,

Your friends!


Come all ye faithful!

Come and be blessed!

For the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is visiting you today.

Not in flesh as before, but in your heart, where it matters.

Turn your thoughts inwards, to discover the real needs of your soul.

So much available in the material world. Never have you had such abundance, of food, information, pleasures, but where, where is it all taking you?

The Lord provides for the fowls in the air and the lilies in the valley, will He not provide for you?

Perhaps you need to feel full of materiality, but empty of meaning before you can choose a better balance for your life.

Your incarnation is a lesson that has a beginning, a middle and an end - think about where you might be, and what changes you might wish to make, so the end comes as you envisage.

With love always,

Your friend.


18th November 2015

Dear friends,

Today we come to greet you and we thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

You are aware of the need of each one to improve your spiritual ambient and to take advantage of this incarnation so as to make the most of this opportunity.

So we are gradually becoming aware of the special time we are living today, requiring every possible effort and constant persistence in the struggle for spiritual progress.

Be aware that our time is limited for each one, so not a minute must be wasted. Helpful guidance is never amiss; rather it gives courage and impulse towards greater effort.

Go with the blessings of God, to help you continue your daily struggles.



29th July 2016

Ah my children!

Hear the angels calling.

Calling you to wake up.

Wake up and join the joyous caravan of souls,that are releasing their habits of old,and dressing themselves in the cloak of peace and love.

Join them,for the future is brilliant and welcoming.

Giving up today the things that hold you back!

Be in peace



25th November 2016

- 1st message Received

Do not expect flowers in every path that you walk on, sometimes you will find thorns and rocks holding you back. That is what will make the difference to your life – how you deal with the good and bad times.

Remember that we have come to this world to learn lessons, life lessons and no matter how hard and difficult things get – you will never be alone – God is always with you – supporting, sustaining, encouraging and loving. So, if you receive so many gifts from him, learn to share them with others who still have not learned that grace touches them every day.

The trials and tribulations are there to strengthen you and the worker who has trained in the ways of the Gospel - which is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD – will have all the knowledge necessary to guide himself and others out of the prison of selfishness, pride and ignorance.

Continue on my Children we are with you and be glad when you find the path a little harder, it will make you stronger and there will be more joy for having achieved.

God with us - Blessings

2nd Message Received

This is the most beautiful time of the year – the advent of the coming of Christ into the world.

His light must shine in the hearts of All Men - His light has to be brought out into the world - there was darkness and then he came – the just one, the counsellor, the loving friend. He loves us so much that even a dot of good intention in our part makes him happy and He is to be born amongst you once again.

Remember the words of the Angel: Fear not, I bring you news of great joy which is the birth of our Saviour and whoever come to be bathed in his light will live for ever.

Glory to God in the Highest and on Earth Peace and Good Will toward men!

Be ready to receive him in your hearts.

A friend in jubilation!

3rd Message Received

Every year you make resolutions to change your lives in the New Year.

This year make resolutions to change your lives for good – propose to yourself to be less selfish, to have less pride, to be more tolerant, more forgiving, more loving - a true Christian.


28th July 2017  -  Messages received

Message 1

Blessings, children of my soul, you are not here by chance, living in the flesh in these particular times. All of you have requested and gained an opportunity in times of transition. This is because at these times you have greater opportunity of progress in shorter periods. Don't complain about the work, don't complain about the pain, don't complain about your disappointments. Rather say thanks to God that you are here, that you have this opportunity, this blessed opportunity in which you can truly make a difference on your path of evolution.


Before coming you said: “I am tired of suffering, I don't want these kind of errors anymore.” And yet, when in the flesh, you forget, you get distracted, you complain, you even think that this is an injustice. I tell you – there is no injustice. God's law is perfect. Everything in good time. The seed you sow, you might not see flourish. It doesn't matter. The results will be there for you to enjoy at a distance or when you come back. The joy is in the sowing. In preparing the land as you requested. You thought you were strong enough, you thought you were brave enough. You begged and here you are. Let's embrace this opportunity and go forth arm in arm, giving thanks to God, that is the God of mercy and love, forgiveness and light. And that is our destiny.


You will never walk alone. I will always be with you, for I am your spiritual father, your brother and as long as you suffer, I suffer as well. Let's move on. Let's get some energy. Let's do our jobs. And believe me, your tiredness will evaporate, your stiffness will turn to agility and your sadness will be converted to joy. For that is how you feel when you are working in the Lord's fields.


Take our embrace and the blessings of all your benefactors that are here to bless you and encourage you. Let's work together, my children. Bless you!


 Message 2

Dearest, greetings in the name of the Great (White) Spirit that unites us as one family across the planet. The separations are manmade. Union is the work of God. Let us make efforts to overcome our separations, our distances, our barriers. In the spiritual world, here where we live, these are long overcome. Now it's your turn. Stretch out your hand in friendship, in greeting, send out your love in acceptance, tolerate one another and embrace one another, when you are ready. Progress is not possible in states of separation. Union begins at home but extends throughout society. 


You all study and pray and say you want to progress and to move forwards. You need to be active in this, not passive, waiting for the others to come and stretch their hands to you. Be you the first one to stretch out. In order to do this you must have the strength of your convictions, you must put aside your pride, your selfishness, you must live (that) what you preach. This will truly make a difference, not only to you individually, as a group, but it will also will have a ripple effect all around society.

Enough separation! Let us unite, let us extend the hand of friendship to one another across our differences.


Take these thoughts with all our love as encouragement and guidance for your work, for your development individually, and as a group. May peace be with you and guide you always.


Message 3

Dear children of my heart, here we come once again bringing blessings for all and asking that God bless us and protect us always.

We can imagine that we are in the darkness but we can see already the dawn beginning in the horizon. However, we're still in darkness. Nevertheless, if we fix our eyes on the dawn, we sometimes can't see the path we were walking on. So look at the stars that are speckled across the sky and that have been given to you, to show you the way in the darkness. For when the light comes, it will be very bright and it could startle you.


In the darkness the sounds of suffering, the things you see can be confusing and misguiding. We don't have a complete picture. So guide yourselves by the stars. They are there put by God to show you the way. Those who have gone ahead, they have become stars in the heavens showing you the way. And link with one another, join arms so that your journey will be less painful, less lonely, less difficult. That if one falls, the others will help to pick him up . And in that way your journey will advance in a much better way.


Think about this in your meditation of the week and receive our love, our gratitude and above all our request to God that He bless you all and make you strong, that He console you and embrace you in His universal love. Amen!


Message 4: 

Serenity, peace and strength, these were words discussed here today.

Let me give you a suggestion for your daily practice.

Ask yourself daily:

1) What has made me suffer today? Why? What is the essence of where my pain comes from.

What needs to change for the pain to stop - what will I do to action that change?

2) What am I grateful for today. Why does this make me feel grateful? How can I multiply this in my


3) Gratitude to God and His Creation in everyday actions, as we are the product of His Love.

This is my humble contribution in terms of suggestion for a practical approach to spiritual growth

and development.

Nevertheless, follow the guidance of St Augustin in the Spirits’ Book, which until today is of great


Your friend in Spirit X 


Message 5

The Rainbow

Made of droplets of water, intertwined with light, decomposing it into its different colours.

It is a present given by God to help you to understand that there is much more beyond your eyes -

not only on the material side.

The rainbow can be a symbol of joy and wonder and renewal.

Here now, gone in a moment, bringing on a smile, hope and renewal.

Be in peace,

Learn of God through His Creation, that is the Divine Book in which all knowledge is waiting to be


Peace. (A.S.)

Message 6

Chain of light

Let us join our thoughts and pray for all groups on this land. 

In these times of great challenges we need to strengthen our thoughts and increase our courage.

By praying to each other you will help create a chain of light, and that will help the entire country. 

Believe, your thoughts focused to the movement of love will help more than you can imagine.

God bless you all.