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THOUGHT & LIFE - by Emmanuel trough Francisco Candido Xavier

What part do thoughts play in our lives?

The spiritual writer Emmanuel explains how thoughts act powerfully in shaping our lives: “Today we are heirs to the positive reflexes from our past experiences, having the means to change their direction towards true happiness”. Emmanuel goes on to explain with simplicity, through clear and intelligent ideas together with comparisons based on everyday life, the effects that thought creates in the intimacy of each one, including within the ambient in which a person may live. He further explains the connection between emotion and thought, showing that human beings have the capacity to supervise and control them in benefit of progress.

CHICO XAVIER the Medium of the Century by Guy Lyon Playfair

This is the first biographical and critical study in English of one of the outstanding mediums of all time, through whom more than 450 books were received by 'automatic writing' over a seventy year period, few of which until recently were available in English translations. Extracts from some of Chico's major works are included and give an idea of the scope and the high quality of the output of this unique medium, whose centenary in 2010 was marked by numerous celebrations, two feature films and a special postage stamp. This book tells the fascinating story of how a primary-school dropout from a poor working-class background rose to become a national hero.


This book offers an intriguing account of one man's experiences soon after death. Not being a particularly evolved soul, he is bewildered and confused in the early stages, but with the help of guides he gradually adapts to his new environment and begins to progress. The communication from the departed soul was received by means of automatic writing by Augustus Henry (Harry) Burbidge (1891 - 1963). Apparently, the executors of Burbidge's estate found the writing among his papers after his death, and family members made copies for friends, but it was not until recently that they were re-discovered and published. The communicator's name is not given, but the account is consistent with those given through other credible mediums. 

THE BLUE ISLAND by Willian T. Stead

British journalist Stead tells us in detail about life in the spirit world, how it is organised and of his studies there, in this special book received over 8 years after his death on the Titanic. He talks about how he overcame the process of communicating with the physical life and explains the purpose of our lives and what awaits us on our passing.

Here we have a very useful practical guide for our physical life. We hope that all who read it find new incentives to continue their battle with life. The immutable Laws of Nature exist and gradually we are being led to understand God’s wisdom, love, mercy and justice.  

SCIENCE & SPIRIT by Dr Hernani Guimaraes Andrade

A Brazilian soldier killed in the 1932 Constitutional Revolution ‘drops in’ unexpectedly on a medium nearly thirty years later, giving his name and numerous personal details, almost all of which turned out to be true. A family is terrorised by bombardments of stones thrown by invisible hands, and by inexplicable outbreaks of fires, some of them witnessed by police. A little girl astonishes her parents by giving detailed information about her dead uncle – again all of it being true. It appears that she is, in fact, her uncle reborn.

These are three of the many cases of ‘paranormal’ phenomena that were meticulously investigated by pioneer Brazilian parapsychologist Hernani Guimarães Andrade (1913-2003), who was both a scientist and a Spiritist. Here, he provides some of the best evidence on record, whether for poltergeists, reincarnation, or survival of death.

REBORN for LOVE by Dr Hernani Guimarães Andrade


Reborn for Love is by Dr Hernani Guimarães Andrade, a Brazilian scientist and researcher into reincarnation. The book examines one of the most extraordinary and demonstrably genuine cases of reincarnation ever studied at Dr Andrade's ‘Brazilian Institute of Psychobiophysics Research’ in the state of Sao Paulo.

Translated from the original Portuguese by Elsie Dubugras and revised by Guy Lyon Playfair.

SUICIDE all that You Need to Know by Richard Simonetti

Everything in Life has causes and consequences!

Suffering and anxiety can be unbearable! However… Life has a purpose, whether we are aware of this or not… For unbearable pain or anguish, we seek solutions, but not everyone is aware that Life does not end with death! We are all Immortal Beings! The next plane of Life will present us with rewards or consequences, so this book will enlighten

people and bring a happy solution for our anxieties. Suicide only increases our suffering.

…“If existence was merely contained within the limits set between the cradle and the grave, then without a doubt, suicide would be a great solution for the problems and pains of the Earth. However, it occurs that we are immortal beings. We have already lived before the cradle, and we will continue to live after the grave, where we will harvest the consequences of what we have made of our lives and our bodies”… 

Learning How to Pray by Elsa Rossi

It is very important that right from infancy, children come into contact with God and know all about Jesus. The government establishes a systematic school plan, with free obligatory study; for their part parents should offer the children a moral education, thus they will be prepared for life. Each little book contains a prayer for all the different situations that occur in daily life, stimulating children to learn to pray and to know how easy it is to talk to Jesus and to know that HE is close to our hearts. With time the children will talk to Jesus with words from their own hearts.

A wonderful book for children and parents with guidance and prayers for children for various events and situations. A perfect accompaniment for families who actively hold the Gospel in the Home studies.

Spiritual Help through Spiritual Healing - ready!!! orders: [email protected]

To the Spiritist Doctrine, Spiritual healing is a true fluidic energy transmission helped by assistance of Higher Spirits. For this reason, Spiritual healing is often related to a healing process, be it physical or spiritual. But how can a simple gesture of giving healing distribute such deep vibrations to the point of recovering the equilibrium of a spirit? What is necessary for transmitting positive energy to those who have the most need? Can anyone give healing?

These and other questions are answered in Spiritual Help through Spiritual Healing, a book that answers queries and is for those who are keen to find out about the mechanism and practice of spiritual healing, the benefits and purposes of giving spiritual healing. orders in advance for Study Group - [email protected]

The Spirits' Book - by Allan Kardec

These are the five fundamental books that comprise the Spiritist Codification, The Spirits’ Book was the first one that compiled all the teachings of high order spirits (the Spirits) through mediums all over the world. It is the landmark of a doctrine that has had a great impact on the thought and life view of a considerable portion of humankind since 1857, when the first French edition was released. It is divided into four parts and has 1,019 questions asked by Allan Kardec, the Codifier of Spiritism. It rationally and logically presents the teachings of Spiritism in their scientific, philosophical and religious aspects. No matter what the religious convictions or beliefs of the reader are, reading The Spirits’ Book will be of immense value for everyone, for it addresses the issues of God, the immortality of the soul, the nature of spirits and their relations with human beings, the moral laws, our present and future lives and the future of humankind - subjects of general interest and great practicality.

The Mediums' Book by Allan Kardec

The Mediums’ Book is the second of the five books comprising the Codification of the Spiritist Teachings. The book presents the teachings of the Spirits on all types of spirit manifestations, the ways of communicating with the invisible world, the different types of mediums, the development of Mediumship, and the difficulties and obstacles that may be found in the practice of Spiritism. At the end of the book there is a helpful basic Spiritist glossary. Besides being a source of indispensable reading and research for Spiritists, The Mediums’ Book is also an essential source of knowledge for any person interested in the mediumistic phenomenon, which is manifesting increasingly the world over, both inside and outside Spiritist activities per se. Since incarnates are an integral part of the exchange between the two planes of life – the physical and the spiritual – it is advisable that we fully understand the mechanics of such a relationship. The Mediums’ Book is the safest guide for all those who wish to devote themselves to communicating with the Spirit ( the Spirit's / the Spiritual) World.

The Gospel According to Spiritism by Allan Kardec

The Gospel according to Spiritism is the third of the five books that comprise the Spiritist Codification – a compilation of teachings transmitted by high order spirits (the Spirits) and organized and commented on by Allan Kardec. The book contains the essence of the moral teachings of Jesus, thus providing a roof under which followers of all religions can gather – even those who profess no religion at all - for it offers a sure guide for our inner reform which, according to Jesus, is indispensable for us to find future happiness and inner peace, a state that is possible for the spirit on its evolutionary journey to God only by complying fully with the Divine Laws.

Heaven & Hell by Allan Kardec

Heaven and Hell is the fourth of the five basic works that make up the Spiritist Codification. Its main purpose is to explain God’s Justice from the point of view of the Spiritist Teachings. It is aimed at demonstrating the immortality of the soul and its situation in the spirit world as a consequence of its own acts. The book is divided into two parts: The first is a comparative analysis of religious theories on life after death. It discusses matters such as the death of children, individuals born with birth defects, collective disasters, and a wide range of problems that only the immortality of the soul and reincarnation can explain satisfactorily. Kardec seeks to clarify themes such as angels, heaven, demons, hell, eternal punishment, purgatory, the fear of death, the mosaic prohibition against evoking the dead, etc. Additionally, it presents the Spiritist counter explanation on the doctrine of eternal punishment. The second part, which is the result of practical work, is a collection of examples concerning the situation of the soul during and after discarnation. These are testimonies given by repentant criminals, hardened spirits, happy, average and suffering spirits, suicides and spirits undergoing earthly expiation.

Genesis by Allan Kardec by Allan Kardec

This is the most scientific book of Allan Kardec. It deals with themes regarded as incontestable by religion, in the light of the immortality of the soul, unifying Christian thought and scientific discoveries. It offers us a unique opportunity to know and study themes of universal interest, discussed in a logical, rational and revealing way. It analyses, with coherence, the origin of the planet Earth, and avoids mysterious or magical interpretations about the creation of the world. It also analyses the question of miracles, explaining the true nature of the supernatural facts of the Gospels. Finally, it talks about a new generation, whose rising will be the landmark of a new Era for Humanity, based on the practice of justice, peace and friendship.

ANDRE LUIZ SERIES - Brief Introduction

This is a series of books that has received a recommendation from the Brazilian Spiritist Federation, to be considered as a continuation of studies after or alongside the Kardec books.

We call attention to the importance of following this sequence as numbered in the list when reading the books, because it represents a steady line of progress and deepening of knowledge.

For newcomers to this series, we mention that the psychography (or automatic-writing) was all received by Francisco Candido Xavier, commonly called 'Chico', who was Brazil’s most prolific medium to date (1910 – 2002).

The spiritual author, by name Andre Luiz, had been a doctor while incarnate. He had no special religious inclinations; he led a normal life and was dedicated to his profession. However, upon returning to the spiritual world, he found himself in an unpleasant ambient, alone in a dark zone, where he was very unhappy and bewildered. After an extended period of time, he was rescued from this region and then found himself in Nosso Lar, still not understanding what had happened to his life. So, we begin to follow his gradual spiritual awakening, which eventually leads him to become a spiritual Teacher. His awakening to the spiritual reality of life after death corresponds to what many unbelievers go through when they leave their physical body.

We have great pleasure in introducing you to this very special series of instructive books, and we invite you to pass on these titles to your friends and family. We feel sure you will come to bless the day you found Andre Luiz.

Listing in chronological order:

1 – Nosso Lar (or ‘Our Home’ - or ‘Astral City’)

2 – The Messengers

3 – Missionaries of the Light

4 – Workers of the Life Eternal

5 – In the Greater World

6 – Liberation

7 – Between Heaven and Earth

8 – In the Realms of Mediumship

9 – Action & Reaction

10 – Evolution in Two Worlds - (Not yet published)

11 – The Mechanics of Mediumship (Not yet published)

12 – Sex & Destiny (Chico Xavier + Waldo Veira)

13 – Disobsession

14 – And Life Goes On…

Plus a very special little book of short but profound messages for constant daily reading and study. Christian Agenda -

Spiritist Books available in our BUSS Bookshop

You can order any of below books via email, please send any query or order to [email protected]

1. Chico Xavier Medium of the Century, UK Edition

2. Christian Agenda, UK Edition

3. Courage, UK Edition

4. Disobsession – Andre Luiz, CEI

5. Green Light, 2nd UK Edition

6. Learning how to Pray - (Childrens' book)

7. Life’s Triumph – FE Editora

8. My First Teddy Bear (Children), UK Edition

9. New Clothes for Old Souls (Reincarnation- Guy Lyon Playfair)

10. Obsession, author Divaldo Franco

11. Reborn for Love, author Dr Hernani Guimaraes Andrade, UK Edition

12. Science & Spirit, UK Edition

13. Spiritual Help through Spiritual Healing

14. Spiritual Help trough Spiritual Healing, BUSS UK Edition

15. Suicide, All You Need to Know-Causes & Consequences, UK Edition

16. The Astral City - Life in the Spirit Word, from Andre Luiz, UK Edition

17. The Big Bad Wolf Reincarnate - (Childrens' book)

18. The Blue Island, UK Edition

19. The Pathway, the Truth & Life, 1st Edition

20. The Shadows lifted from Death, UK Edition (Spiritual Colony as the same as Nosso Lar)

21. The Soul of Matter, from Dr Marlene Nobre

22. The Spiritual Issue of the Animals

23. The Wicked Queen - (Children's Book)

24. Thought and Life, BUSS UK Edition

25. What is Spiritism? CEI-EDICEI Edition