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BUSS (BRITISH UNION OF SPIRITIST SOCIETIES), with over 13  local Spiritist Teachings Centres across the UK and more Groups awaiting affiliation, offers everyone the understanding of universal spiritual principles, through seminars, conferences and meetings. BUSS maintains a website to disseminate Spiritism and unite our Spiritist Societies.If you are interested in learning more about Spiritism, we invite you to navigate this website and join us in our studies and lectures.

“Spiritism is the New Science that has come to reveal to mankind, by means of irrefutable proof, the existence and nature of the spiritual world and its relationship to the physical world.”   The Gospel According to Spiritism, Chapter 1, codified by Allan Kardec



Say yes to life is a 

campaign of awareness and life and to prevent any early life termination, suicide prevention thoughts.   Every life counts!

BUSS-UK is the official stockist for unique titles on Spirituality and Spiritism for the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. 
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All the works of Kardec related to each other, in parts, chapters and articles.
It's Kardec explaining Kardec.    KARDECPEDIA

Dear all,

It is with immense joy that I wish to share with you this exciting news. BUSS has just published the first children's book in the UK in English for children to participate in the Gospel in the Home studies, to give as a gift to their friends or to read in their daily life. It is filled with inspired drawings which help parents to tell stories to the little ones who are still learning to read.                  For more information, send an e-mail to or visit


West Kent Spiritist Group-UK

Gravesend Spiritist Group - UK agreed to change the name of the group to West Kent Spiritist Group. The purpose of this change is to reflect the geographical location that the group is currently covering. Therefore, our Sunday meetings are being held at 16 Killick Close, Dunton Green, Sevenoaks, TN13 2TY at 11am, please contact Alexsandra on 07521084907 to confirm your attendance. We are also considering the possibility of an alternative weekday evening meeting at 6 Garden row, DA11 7 JP, Gravesend, Kent, from 7pm. The day of week is still to be agreed among the members and those who are interested in join in. The structure of this potential meeting will be the same of our Sunday meetings, e.g. initial prayer, reading and debating of the book Christian Agenda, by the spirit Andre Luiz, through the automatic writing of Chico Xavier, following that reading and debate of the Gospel according to Spiritism and the Spirit's Book, both by Allan Kardec, we close the meeting with a prayer, please contact Carlos on 07974656150 to express your intent to participate. We also take this opportunity to thank everybody who has been kindly helping this group to give its baby steps.